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Mark L. Busch, P.C.

Attorney at Law

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Our office repesents residential and commercial landlords throughout Oregon. We regularly assist landlords with a variety of issues, including:


- Eviction Trials

- Court Appearances

- Eviction Notices

- HUD Complaints

- Habitability Claims

- Discrimination Claims

- Section 8 Issues

- Abandoned Property

- Manufactured Homes

- Floating Homes

- Commercial Tenants


Our clients include property management companies, individual rental property owners, manufactured home facilities, RV parks, marinas, and commercial property landlords, among others.

How We Can Help


If you have a pending eviction case, we can represent you in court. Whether it is a first appearance hearing or an eviction trial, your case will be handled by an experienced landlord-tenant attorney.


If you need to evict a problem tenant, we can help you choose the right strategy and serve the proper eviction notice -- whether a 30-day notice, 24-hour notice, or other type of eviction notice. Is a tenant not paying rent? We can help there too, starting with a 72-hour nonpayment notice properly served on the tenant.


We can also help you anywhere in Oregon. We represent clients statewide, usually communicating by phone, fax and email. While Mr. Busch often handles cases in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas County Courts, he also appears in other courts throughout the state.


Representing Oregon Landlords


Mark L. Busch


     Mark L. Busch, P.C.

     Phone: 503-597-1309


     Cornell West, Suite 200

     1500 NW Bethany Blvd.

     Beaverton, Oregon 97006

     Fax: 503-430-7593


Why You Need A Lawyer


You need a lawyer because Oregon's landlord-tenant laws are extremely technical and strictly construed by judges.  A simple mistake can cost you your case in court.


If you lose an eviction case, the tenant will get to stay on the rental property.  You will also be forced to start the eviction process over again, assuming that the court's ruling doesn't prohibit you from doing so.


More importantly, many tenant lawyers offer to represent tenants for free, hoping to win the case on a landlord's honest mistake and be awarded attorney fees from the landlord.  Some tenant lawyers even send advertising flyers to tenants who have just had eviction cases filed against them, offering consultations to evaluate their cases.


We can help level the playing field.  Mr. Busch will work directly with you to determine the best strategy for winning your case.  Please contact us for immediate assistance on your eviction case.