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June 7, 2018

Residential landlords are increasingly faced with the prospect that their tenants are subletting their rental units. Subletting can take many forms – roommates, girlfriends/boyfriends,unauthorized family members, short-term vacation rental services,...

June 7, 2018

Does this sound familiar? You have a tenant who checked out well in the application process,but now has not paid rent for two months. He says that he was laid off from his job, but is starting a new one and that his mother has agreed to help him catc...

June 7, 2018

Every landlord wants to avoid disputes with tenants. Disputes can lead to litigation – and litigation is expensive. There are a few simple things that landlords can do to reduce their risk of a dispute with tenants.

The most effective solution is get...

August 5, 2017

The information provided below relates to residential tenancies in Oregon and is general in nature. It is not intended to apply to specific factual scenarios and is not intended as legal advice. Each case is different and I encourage my clients to ca...

April 30, 2014

Oregon state law allows a landlord to ask potential applicants about their credit history, eviction records, criminal records, employment, landlord references, number of occupants, and pets. A well-written rental application should ask applicants to...

March 30, 2014


A mobile home park has a number of spaces reserved for RVs. Many of the RV tenants are seasonal workers and usually rent a space for 3-6 months before moving on. Is it necessary to do background checks for such short-term tenants? How should...

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