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The articles provided here are informational only, and are not intended as legal advice.  Each case is different, so consult a knowledgeable attorney for legal advice on your particular situation.

March 19, 2020

This article is informational only, and is not intended as legal advice.  Always consult with a competent attorney before undertaking any legal action.

The Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court issued a statewide Order on March 16, 2020 significan...

June 26, 2018

A Clackamas County trial judge’s opinion highlights a problem that landlords face when trying to establish reasonable – and enforceable – limits on the number of overnights that any one guest may spend at a tenant’s home.

The case involved a mobile h...

June 28, 2017

In a recent Clackamas County case, Mr. Busch succeeded in proving that a tenant willfully ignored a court-ordered agreement preventing an unauthorized person from entering his client’s mobile home park.

The unauthorized person had a criminal record an...

May 5, 2014


How does the eviction process work when evicting an RV tenant? Is it different than evicting a manufactured home community resident?


The process for evicting an RV tenant is the same process used for evicting most tenants in any setting....

April 30, 2014

Nearly every eviction begins with an eviction notice, which must be properly served on the tenant. Most notices give the tenant a certain amount of time to remedy a default (i.e., 72 hours to pay past-due rent), followed by a tenancy termination dead...

April 30, 2014

Filing the Initial “FED”

The term "FED" stands for Forcible Entry and Detainer. This is the legal term for an eviction lawsuit filed in court to evict tenants. In every case where the tenant refuses to vacate, the landlord will need to file an FED act...

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