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Knowledge, Experience and Preparation Wins Cases.

What Landlords Face


Your tenants have a multitude of resources vying for their business when it comes down to their relationship with you. The attorneys representing your tenants do so at no cost to your tenants--they take their cases on contingency and receive their pay when they win against you. They cost your tenants nothing and you potentially pay their attorney fees as well, along with court costs and possibly money damages. Tenant attorneys offer free consultations that promise to draw out the proceedings and maximize their time and money to be gained at your expense.

These lawyers regularly review court filings, eviction notices, and other court documents, then actively solicit tenant-clients in actions against their landlords. They look for any loopholes, omissions in paperwork, or errors in document filings that give them the opportunity to beat you in court.

Mark Busch works hard to make sure you have the best advocate available to counteract the activist attorneys that are seeking to complicate and draw out your case. He will simplify your case, your life, your management system and save you money in your eviction lawsuit.

Small Mistakes Can Be Costly to You


You have served a tenant eviction notice. Your tenant has taken it to court. You lose the case in court.

Your tenant will be allowed to remain in the rental property. The clock is now ticking. You will be required to begin the eviction process all over again, assuming that the court’s ruling does not prohibit you from doing so! A perfect example of how a small mistake in filing can escalate into a time consuming and costly error for you, the landlord.

Mark Busch works directly with you, his landlord clients, one-on-one, to ensure that you don’t make the small mistakes that the opposing counsel is waiting to capitalize upon. He encourages your questions, solicits your feedback, and continually assesses your case as it moves forward to ensure you are on the best possible track for a successful outcome. He commits to a true collaborative effort with each client at every stage of the process in order to ensure that the decisions you make will be based upon your best input and his best advice to achieve the outcome that will be positive and beneficial for you.

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