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Background Screen RV Tenants?

Question A mobile home park has a number of spaces reserved for RVs. Many of the RV tenants are seasonal workers and usually rent a space for 3-6 months before moving on. Is it necessary to do background checks for such short-term tenants? How should the rental agreement be structured? Month to month, weekly, or fixed term? Answer Even though some of your RV tenants are short-termers, I always recommend a complete tenant background check no matter how long the anticipated tenancy. As a businessperson, you have an obligation to yourself to ensure that every RV tenant checks out with a background screening for criminal, credit and eviction history. As a landlord, you have an obligation by law

RV Rental Agreements

Question Can our park use the regular MHCO manufactured home rental agreement for RV tenants who are allowed in certain spaces throughout our manufactured home park? Answer No, the park should definitely not use a regular manufactured home rental agreement for RVs. By doing so, the park might inadvertently give the RV tenants more rights than they are otherwise entitled to under Oregon’s Landlord-Tenant Laws. Specifically, the MHCO manufactured home rental agreement (and most other, similar manufactured home rental agreements) typically define the rented space as being used for a “manufactured home.” This could used against the park in an eviction action. The RV tenant’s attorney could very

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