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Eviction Moratorium Extended Again

By Mark L. Busch, Attorney at Law Citing the continuing pandemic, the need for stable housing, wildfires, and the housing shortage, Governor Brown extended Oregon’s eviction moratorium on September 28, 2020. The Governor issued Executive Order 20-56, which extends the moratorium on no-cause and nonpayment evictions for residential tenancies through December 31, 2020. In most aspects, the extension mirrors the existing restrictions on residential landlords already found in Oregon House Bill 4213. Executive Order 20-56 continues to prohibit residential landlords from issuing ANY nonpayment notices for rent, utility charges, or other service charges or fees owed to the landlord, and prohibits m

Squatter on RV Space

Question: A man has set up a tent on one of our park’s RV spaces, with lot of garbage around the space. He did not sign any agreement – he just showed up one day. How does the landlord best deal with this situation? Answer: Since there is no rental agreement and you (presumably) have not accepted any rent or other payments from him, he is technically a “squatter.” Under Oregon law, a “squatter” means a person occupying a dwelling unit who is not so entitled under a rental agreement (ORS 90.100 (43)). The “dwelling unit” in this case is the RV space. Occupancy by a squatter is not governed by the usual landlord-tenant laws under ORS Chapter 90. This person is first and foremost a trespass

Verbally Abusive RV Tenant

Question: A month-to-month resident in our RV Park (on MHCO Form 80 - RV Agreement) is causing numerous problems for other RV residents. In one case he was verbally abusive to several children – a restraining order was issued and subsequently violated. What options do we have as the landlord to evict this tenant? Answer: In pre-COVID times, my first inquiry would be whether the tenant has been in the park for less than one year. If so, a 30-day no-cause eviction notice would be the best option, except that no-cause notices cannot be issued until October 1, 2020 (as per the eviction moratorium imposed by Oregon House Bill 4213). If the tenant is within the first year of his tenancy, and h

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